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#2 fixed Create navigation menu on website dirk allenb

Let's get a navigation menu on the left site of the website.

#159 worksforme Default values in fcds for std::string Fields cneumann dirk

Currently it's not possible to have default values for std::string Fields in fcds. They are mapped to the following code:

_stField(std::string(This is a string));

I tried adding &quote; to the fcd, but the parser barfed on that.

I see two ways to fix it: hardcode a special case for std::string Fields that adds quotes when producing the code, or make the XML reader accept &quote;.

I'd prefer the former, as it makes writing fcds easier and is more robust/ It just needs to handle empty defaults correctly, but other than that it should be fairly simple to do (I think ;)).

#164 fixed Doxygen on website not complete dirk dshipton

The current doxygen on the website is not usable. Most classes do nothing more than refer you to the .h file.

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