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#168 fixed nasty little memory bug with dynamic creation/deletion of geom and materials unassigned allenb

We have finally been able to create a simple test application that demonstrates a nasty nasty little memory bug that we have been chasing for a couple of days. The application dynamically creates geometry and materisls, adds them to a tree, and then removes them later.

This behavior has manifested itself in many forms in our application and seems to be caused by some code in OpenSG overwritting random memory locations. I could be wrong in this conclusion, but we are just seeing way to many seg faults and corrupted data.

Anyway, I have attached a sample application that shows the problem.

#87 fixed namespace consistency unassigned dirk

The namespace for 2 is OSG::. Right now there are still a lot of classes in the osg:: namespace, as seen in the doxygen docs.

#176 fixed mergeRGBA handles nullptr in an unexpected manner unassigned marcusl

If there the 'rgba' argument is null, OSG::mergeRGBA

creates a new image, assigns it to the argument and

operates on that.

However, since the ptr is by value, it will lead to a

memory leak, in addition to the caller not being able

to use said image.

I suppose it is similar for splitRGBA.

(Moved here from the SF tracker)

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