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#205 fixed CameraDecorator not working with FBO viewports unassigned bleile

CameraDecorators? are ignored inside the FBOViewport code.



instead of usign the while loop found around FBOViewport.cpp:640

could probably fix it.

#67 wontfix Centralize build dependency management in a single location allenb allenb

The files are nice, but they separate the dependency information in many places in the tree. It could be easier to understand if this was all in one location. I think we can just add some code to the SConstruct file to setup all the dependencies at once.

#38 fixed Change all source and headers to include OpenSG/XXXX.h unassigned allenb

It would be nice if the build process relied upon the same path settings and user applications do. So in this case it would be nice to have all the OSG files included based on "OpenSG/XXX.h".

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