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#201 fixed Image should notify it's TextureChunks on change cneumann marcusl

Reported by marcusl, 8 years ago.


Users explicitly have to call TextureChunk::imageContentChanged() or TextureChunk::setImage() when the Image has changed.

This could be done automatically in Image::changed, just like GeoProperties? do with their Geometries.

Apparently, Images already track their parents, so it shouldn't be very difficult.

#163 fixed Implement OSG_LOG_LEVEL_STARTUP cneumann cneumann

Reported by cneumann, 8 years ago.


New env. variable that can be set to reduce noise during osgInit.

#20 fixed Improve osgIsPower2 and osgNextPower2 cneumann cneumann

Reported by cneumann, 9 years ago.


I found a better implementation for these two functions  here

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