OSGVolumeFunctions.h File Reference

#include <math.h>
#include <OSGConfig.h>
#include <OSGBase.h>
#include <OSGBaseTypes.h>
#include "OSGVolumeFunctions.inl"

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namespace  osg



bool osg::intersect (const Volume &vol1, const Volume &vol2)
 intersect Volume / Volume
bool osg::intersect (const BoxVolume &vol1, const BoxVolume &vol2)
 intersect Box / Box
bool osg::intersect (const BoxVolume &vol1, const SphereVolume &vol2)
 intersect BoxVolume / Sphere
bool osg::intersect (const BoxVolume &vol1, const CylinderVolume &vol2)
 intersect BoxVolume / Cylinder
bool osg::intersect (const BoxVolume &vol1, const FrustumVolume &vol2)
 intersect BoxVolume / Frustum
bool osg::intersect (const BoxVolume &vol1, const Volume &vol2)
 intersect Box / Volume
bool osg::intersect (const SphereVolume &vol1, const BoxVolume &vol2)
 intersect Sphere / Box
bool osg::intersect (const SphereVolume &vol1, const SphereVolume &vol2)
 intersect SphereVolume / Sphere
bool osg::intersect (const SphereVolume &vol1, const CylinderVolume &vol2)
 intersect SphereVolume / Cylinder
bool osg::intersect (const SphereVolume &vol1, const FrustumVolume &vol2)
 intersect SphereVolume / Frustum
bool osg::intersect (const SphereVolume &vol1, const Volume &vol2)
 intersect Sphere / Volume
bool osg::intersect (const CylinderVolume &vol1, const BoxVolume &vol2)
 intersect Cylinder / Box
bool osg::intersect (const CylinderVolume &vol1, const SphereVolume &vol2)
 intersect CylinderVolume / Sphere
bool osg::intersect (const CylinderVolume &vol1, const CylinderVolume &vol2)
 intersect CylinderVolume / Cylinder
bool osg::intersect (const CylinderVolume &vol1, const FrustumVolume &vol2)
 intersect CylinderVolume / Frustum
bool osg::intersect (const CylinderVolume &vol1, const Volume &vol2)
 intersect Cylinder / Volume
bool osg::intersect (const FrustumVolume &vol1, const BoxVolume &vol2)
 intersect Frustum / Box
bool osg::intersect (const FrustumVolume &vol1, const SphereVolume &vol2)
 intersect FrustumVolume / Sphere
bool osg::intersect (const FrustumVolume &vol1, const CylinderVolume &vol2)
 intersect FrustumVolume / Cylinder
bool osg::intersect (const FrustumVolume &vol1, const FrustumVolume &vol2)
 intersect FrustumVolume / Frustum
bool osg::intersect (const FrustumVolume &vol1, const Volume &vol2)
 intersect Frustum / Volume
bool osg::intersect (const Volume &srcVol, const BoxVolume &vol)
 extend Frustum / Box
bool osg::intersect (const Volume &srcVol, const SphereVolume &vol)
 extend volume / Sphere
bool osg::intersect (const Volume &srcVol, const CylinderVolume &vol)
 extend volume / Cylinder
bool osg::intersect (const Volume &srcVol, const FrustumVolume &vol)
 extend volume / Frustum

void osg::extend (Volume &srcVol, const Volume &vol)
 extend Box / Box
void osg::extend (BoxVolume &srcVol, const BoxVolume &vol)
 extend Box / Box
void osg::extend (BoxVolume &srcVol, const SphereVolume &vol)
 extend BoxVolume / Sphere
void osg::extend (BoxVolume &srcVol, const CylinderVolume &vol)
 extend BoxVolume / Cylinder
void osg::extend (BoxVolume &srcVol, const FrustumVolume &vol)
 extend BoxVolume / Frustum
void osg::extend (BoxVolume &srcVol, const Volume &vol)
 extend Box / Volume
void osg::extend (SphereVolume &srcVol, const BoxVolume &vol)
 extend Sphere / Box
void osg::extend (SphereVolume &srcVol, const SphereVolume &vol)
 extend SphereVolume / Sphere
void osg::extend (SphereVolume &srcVol, const CylinderVolume &vol)
 extend SphereVolume / Cylinder
void osg::extend (SphereVolume &srcVol, const FrustumVolume &vol)
 extend SphereVolume / Frustum
void osg::extend (SphereVolume &srcVol, const Volume &vol)
 extend SphereVolume / Volume
void osg::extend (CylinderVolume &srcVol, const BoxVolume &vol)
 extend Cylinder / Box
void osg::extend (CylinderVolume &srcVol, const SphereVolume &vol)
 extend CylinderVolume / Sphere
void osg::extend (CylinderVolume &srcVol, const CylinderVolume &vol)
 extend CylinderVolume / Cylinder
void osg::extend (CylinderVolume &srcVol, const FrustumVolume &vol)
 extend CylinderVolume / Frustum
void osg::extend (CylinderVolume &srcVol, const Volume &vol)
 extend Sphere / Volume
void osg::extend (FrustumVolume &srcVol, const BoxVolume &vol)
 extend Frustum / Box
void osg::extend (FrustumVolume &srcVol, const SphereVolume &vol)
 extend FrustumVolume / Sphere
void osg::extend (FrustumVolume &srcVol, const CylinderVolume &vol)
 extend FrustumVolume / Cylinder
void osg::extend (FrustumVolume &srcVol, const FrustumVolume &vol)
 extend FrustumVolume / Frustum
void osg::extend (FrustumVolume &srcVol, const Volume &vol)
 extend Frustum / Volume

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