OSGBaseTypeTraits.h File Reference

#include <OSGGL.h>
#include <limits>

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struct  osg::TypeTraitsBase
struct  osg::TypeTraits< LookupTypeT >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< bool >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< UInt8 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Int8 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< UInt16 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Int16 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< UInt32 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Int32 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< UInt64 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Int64 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Real16 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Real32 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Real64 >
struct  osg::TypeTraits< Real128 >


namespace  osg


#define TypeConstants   TypeTraits
#define getAllSet()   BitsSet

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#define TypeConstants   TypeTraits

Definition at line 1098 of file OSGBaseTypeTraits.h.

#define getAllSet (  )     BitsSet

Definition at line 1099 of file OSGBaseTypeTraits.h.


Definition at line 1102 of file OSGBaseTypeTraits.h.

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