Welcome to OpenSG!

OpenSG is a portable scenegraph system to create realtime graphics programs, e.g. for virtual reality applications. It is developed following Open Source principles (LGPL) and can be used freely. It runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris and MacOS X and is based on OpenGL. It is used in a number of projects and places to do many different things, all of them cool. :-)

Some examples of what people are doing with OpenSG:


More are in the Application Gallery.

If you're curious why you should use OpenSG and not some other scenegraph or game engine, see the Comparison. If you're interested in our general vision for OpenSG 2, please see the OpenSG 2 Vision.

if you want to contribute to the site please request an account through the users mailing list: opensg-users
Sorry for the inconvenience, but spamming levels get out of control otherwise.

Basic dailybuilds

Library dailybuilds can be found at

Basic doc build

Nightly doxygen run results can be found at
Note we still have to update the general documentation so this is more for the classes as of now.

Small note, sometimes the server times out on the first access, if this happens reload the page.

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